FRS Classroom Game Show  v.1 1

FRS Classroom Game Show is a teacher driven program designed to aide classrooms in lesson review, test prep, and can assist with classroom discussion.

FRS Fraction Master  v.2 1

FRS Fraction Master is an easy to use drill and practice program to help students in learning to identify and understand fractions. Practice modes include identifying, reducing, adding, subtracting, and estimating fractions.


FRS Division Drills  v.3 1

FRS Division Drills provides practice with simple division, long division, and long division with remainders.

FRS Talking Calculator  v.1 6

FRS Talking Calculator is an easy to use calculator for use in elementary classrooms with several features that make it ideal for use in situations where assistive software technologies are desirable.

FRS Princess Coloring Book  v.1.0.1

FRS Princess Coloring Book provides 100 fun princess themed illustrations for Preschool and Elementary age children. Color on screen or on paper. Join Princess Violet and her friends in their royal land for coloring fun.

FRS Coloring Book  v.1.7

Coloring book for Kindergarten and Preschool children. FRS Coloring Book is designed for pre-school and Kindergarten age children. Many children of this age may be able to color pictures on their own,

FRS Paint By Numbers  v.1.1

FRS Paint By Numbers is a number-matching educational application, a fun and educational number-matching coloring game. Limitations: * Can only paint the first 5

FRS Test Printing System X  v.1.7

FRS Test Printing System is an easy to use tool that facilitates teachers in creating and printing tests and quizzes.

FRS Money Math X  v.2.1

FRS Money Math is a fun and easy to use tool to aid students in learning to identify, total, add, and subtract money.

FRS Clocks and Time X  v.1.9.3

FRS Clocks and Time allows students to practice telling time and gain confidence in reading standard, classic, and modern clock faces.

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